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  • Laimutė Sodaitytė-Karpavičienė

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  • tomas.kajokas


  • Paulius Baltrušaitis


  • Martynas Talmantas


  • Vilma Macijauskienė


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Do you want to hike together with the Hiking Tour and enjoy the most beautiful nature? If so, then we invite you to take part in our trips around the world. The places in our planet are really wonderful and really undiscovered. Let’s discover them together, let’s march together, let’s be together!

Solo hikes

One-person, two-person or more, family, business, team, celebration hike without attachment to event time, date (SOLO). Apply without the restrictions of the event organizer, feel free, let yourself decide how long you will hike. Remember – health is the most important thing!

Solo hikes - is a hikes through places that are not yet known and discovered. Weekend hikes with Shikes

We are an organization that provides a unique opportunity to test ourselves, born of the vision of the world’s hikers. The greatest joy for us is to share the hiking trail with you in the most diverse and mysterious corners … The most amazing encouragement was when a hiker responded with an extraordinary phrase: “Legends spread about your hikes!” Weekend hikes just for you! Our approach is simple: organize and encourage hiking.

We like to walk through the autumn leaf forest, drink autumn rain and smile looking at the chains of flying winches, we like to wade through shining witch’s fat snow (my grandmother said that), embrace an old spruce tree covered with snow,  and in the evening, at dusk encircling the forest paths, enjoy the radiant warmth of a bonfire and a cup of herbal tea collected in the summer.

Weekend hikes – a story about us .. Our hiking is one of the most interesting and favorite hikes …

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During the hike we offer:

Online maps

Delicious kitchens along the way

Places of interest

The SOLO HIKES team organizes a complete innovation – from now on, you will be able to start and finish all routes any day, at any hour, regardless of time or place, and receive an award for it – electronic diploma ! For 10, 20 and 50 hikes you will be awarded electronic certificates. If you decide to go on a tour organized by SHikes at your scheduled time, follow the instructions below and find your desired hike on the general hiking map. Also you could upload and share your routes for free with other hikers and after creating them you will see it on the general map.

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Grass hiker certificate for 10 SOLO

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Sky hiker certificate for 20 SOLO

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Sun hiker certificate for 50 SOLO



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