Devil’s Pit – the miracle of Lithuania! (Aukštadvaris, Trakai district)



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3 hour



Ypatumai: Accessible by bus, Accommodation, Cognitive path in route, Lakes in route, Mountains in the route, Start anywhere, Terry hike, Water source


Devil’s Pit – the miracle of Lithuania!

Hello hikers!

You’ve probably considered going alone, with family, with friends, or as a couple, and possibly with buddies from the company on your own on a route that has been tested by the PTuro team and its loyal hikers! Apply in an exclusive corner of Lithuania – Aukštadvaris Regional Park! Aukštadvaris Regional Park is a record holder in terms of relief differences, i. y. you will see many lakes, many lands, hills, forests – all in one The hike organized in this park is the first organized by the PTuras team and one of the largest hikes in Lithuania!

Devil’s Pit – the miracle of Lithuania! (Aukštadvaris, Trakai district)


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