Devil’s Roads 38 km (Aukštadvaris, Trakai District)



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8 hour



Ypatumai: Accessible by bus, Accommodation, Cognitive path in route, Lakes in route, Mountains in the route, Start anywhere, Terry hike, Water source


Devil’s Roads

This hike is one of the most memorable hikes in Lithuania! The basics of the organization of the hiking tour started from this hike 🙂

First, a mass hiking trip on Devil’s Road 19 was organized, where hikers saw countless attractions.

In 2021 we will have our third Devil’s Road mass march. The entire route is moved to the SOLO hike with a few changes to the sections so as not to get lost. No hike is as rich as SOLO Devil’s Road. The number of points of interest for the trip depends on the number of kilometers selected.

You’ve probably considered going alone, with family, with friends, or as a couple, and possibly with buddies from the company on your own on a route that has been tested by the SHikes team and its loyal hikers! Apply in an exclusive corner of Lithuania – Aukštadvaris Regional Park! Aukštadvaris Regional Park is a record holder in terms of relief differences, i. y. you will see many lakes, many lands, hills, forests – all in one Capture moments, share them in our facebook hikers group SHikes hikers! It is worth mentioning that the accent and name of this hike comes from the object visited by the Devil’s Pit. The Devil’s Pit is called the “Queen” of pits in Lithuania, surrounded by legends and legends. It has been declared not only a geological natural monument of the Republic of Lithuania, but also one of the 100 most visited natural monuments in Europe. By the way, the Devil’s Pit, or Devil’s Pit, is a special mythological sacral place. The Devil’s Pit is deep in the forest, in the Mergiškės Landscape Reserve, in Aukštadvaris Regional Park. This land has a long and unique history and culture. The first people here began to develop here in the 3rd-2nd millennium BC. Kr.

Devil’s Roads 38 km (Aukštadvaris, Trakai District)


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