Lakes tour (Palūšė, Ignalina dist.)

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5 hour

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Ypatumai: Accessible by bus, Accommodation, Cognitive path in route, Lakes in route, Terry hike, Water source


The lake tour is one of the most beautiful and greenest SOLO hiking tours in Lithuania. Aukštaitija National Park is one of the largest and oldest parks in Lithuania. Huge lakes are concentrated here, large areas of natural nature have survived. The park preserves historical cultural values, rare species of flora and fauna and natural monuments. And you will be able to experience and feel it all! During the hike you will have to see amazing cognitive trails, you will pass the so-called “hare’s ears”, you will see the unprecedented size of Asalnai pine. Asalnai pine is an exceptional place to visit, as it is 320 years old. The height is almost 20 meters and the volume is 1.3 meters. It is a protected heritage site. The wisdom of the ancients testifies that there are buried remains (of a woman or a girl) next to this tree, so they acted here. As you passed the Asalnai pine, you could see a woman bathing. The route will take you to one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Lithuania – the hiking botanical trail. Its length is almost 4 kilometers. There are more than 100 different plant species on this trail, about 10 of which are included in our state’s Red Book. In the Botanical Park you will pass a health trail, a sculpture trail. We have no doubt that this tour of the Lakes will remind you for a long time! Palūšė is a tourist town with many resorts, campsites and a boat. In Palūšė there is always an opportunity to ride and ride in a carriage. You will see palivars on this edge. Palivar – manor homesteads, complexes that are authentically restored and preserved. In this land, our team organizes a mass march.

Lakes tour (Palūšė, Ignalina dist.)


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