On the roads of Vilnius Old Town (Vilnius, Lukiškių Square)



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On the roads of Vilnius Old Town. Hello hikers!

You’ve probably considered going alone, with family, with friends, or as a couple, and possibly with buddies from the company on your own on a route that has been tested by the SHikes team and its loyal hikers! Experience the spirit of Vilnius Old Town! The old town was formed for several hundred years and the history of the city and the most important cultural influences are immortalized here. The buildings and their elements belong to various architectural styles (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, somewhat modern), which are harmoniously intertwined and complement each other. A number of authentic 14th – 19th century roads have survived on the roads of Vilnius Old Town. buildings. The dominant style in the Old Town is Baroque. During the Baroque period, most of Vilnius’ sacral buildings were built: churches, churches, and monasteries. The most famous baroque buildings in Vilnius: 1604 construction of St. Casimir’s Church, 18th c. built in the second quarter of St. St. John’s Church with a bell tower together with some buildings of Vilnius University architectural ensemble. From the 13th century. until the 18th century. Vilnius was the political center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and had a great influence on the cultural and architectural development of Eastern Europe. PTuras In the Old Town there is the Castle Hill, at the top of which stands the Gediminas Tower and the remains of the Upper Castle fortifications. At the foot of the castle hill is the Cathedral Square, where there is a monument to Gediminas, Vilnius Cathedral. Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania, you must know it! We are waiting for everyone who wants to get to know this wonderful city! SHikes.

On the roads of Vilnius Old Town (Vilnius, Lukiškių Square)


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