Pūčkoriai Cognitive Trail (Vilnius, Belmont)



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Pūčkoriai Cognitive Trail
This is one of the most interesting routes in Vilnius! For anyone who likes to go and feel the different heights, cliffs and pits of the earth’s terrain. The route is quite short but very varied with its natural wonders. On the route you will see a flowing stream, endless birds and blooming flowers in the forest. Our president is very close to this natural beauty, you may meet it 🙂 !

Pūčkoriai is a part of Vilnius city, which belongs to Pavilniai Regional Park. This park is one of the greenest parts of Vilnius. The route starts in Belmont. Here you can admire the beauty of nature and taste Lithuanian dishes and start the route with delicious Belmont coffee. The route stretches mostly with the river – Vilnius.

You can download the route for free in the link provided by us from the list of solo hikes 🙂 Pūčkoriai educational trail. You can find more SOLO hikes: HERE – SOLO HIKES.

I especially recommend spending time on this trail. The second part of the trail will give you the opportunity to sit down and unwind in the city’s nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city itself. There are also lockers next to the lounge areas with books to pick up and read.
Definitely climb the Pūčkoriai mound! In the 13th – 14th centuries, at its foot, there was a Stone Age camp. The 16th c. cannon foundry remains, water mill, palivarka buildings. The image is stunning. Vilnius has wonderful images that we usually don’t know 🙂

Going this trail would even benefit from straying and admiring the environment from the side. After all, we are guided by the fact that it is GOOD to TRUST IN THE RIGHT WAY!

Share your stories and we’ll describe them. Send us photos, travel routes and we will help you share our beautiful Lithuania!

Good journey!

Pūčkoriai Cognitive Trail (Vilnius, Belmont)


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