Sapiegine Cognitive Trail (Vilnius)



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2 hour



Ypatumai: Accessible by bus, Accommodation, Cognitive path in route, Lakes in route, Start anywhere, Terry hike


Sapiegine Cognitive Trail.

Hello hikers!

You’ve probably considered going alone, with family, with friends, or as a couple, and possibly with buddies from the company on your own. He is tested by the SHIke team and its loyal hikers! Welcome to Pavilniai Regional Park Sapieginė Cognitive Recreation Trail! Along the way, you will get to know the landscape of the erosive horns of Sapiegine and Switzerland, breathe in the short rest areas, admire the natural sights and enjoy the tranquility it offers. The 5.25 km long trail route stretches through the Antakalnis forest parks. Stairs are installed in other parts of the trail. It is fun to cycle on the smoother sections. We wish you pleasant impressions and peaceful rest in nature!

Sapiegine Cognitive Trail (Vilnius)


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