Zackagiris Nature Cognitive Trail (Marcinkonys, Varėna District)



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3 hour



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Zackagiris Nature Cognitive Trail

Hello hikers!

You’ve probably considered going alone, with family, with friends, or as a couple, and possibly with buddies from the company on your own on a route that has been tested by the SHike team and its loyal hikers! The Zackagiris nature trail winds through the picturesque surroundings of Marcinkonys. The impressive loops of the Grūda River, the mysterious Aklažeris, the wind-blown dune and the beaver huts lined up along the banks of the Zackagiris stream will interest both the naturalist and the ordinary traveler. And where else are the plants and birds in the Red Book that are an integral part of this wonderful corner of nature. The length of the trail is 13.8 km, but you can choose between 7 km or 10.5 km. The beginning of the trail is from Marcinkoniai Visitor Center.

Zackagiris Nature Cognitive Trail (Marcinkonys, Varėna District)


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